The elusive lecture

An analysis of Mr. Staudenmaier as "Protocol of Steiner" forger and the stages in his efforts to cover up his untruthfulness as self-proclaimed "historical scholar" (part VI)

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In an answer to criticism by Göran Fant of his article "Anthroposophy and Ecofascism", Mr. Staudenmaier, in a follow up article titled "The Art of Avoiding History", pushes for "Story four", without with one word mentioning that he has made up the whole second part of the introduction to his original article, and now -- again untruthfully -- asserting as a form of revised "new" "opening device", that

"the heart of the book is chapter six"
Why does he put forth this new "opening device"?

Clearly as lecture six is the only lecture in the series, which once - in passing, at a time and in a culture dominated by it - mentions the word "Aryan", which constitutes the obsessive focus of everything Mr. Staudenmaier writes on Anthroposophy, though it not in the lecture is referred to, neither as an "Aryan race", nor as "Aryan root race" , as asserted by Mr. Staudenmaier in the introduction to his article.

Instead Steiner in the lecture simply uses it in a very neutral way as a term which at that time (1910) was commonly used, to refer to, in Steiner's words:

"the peoples of Asia Minor and Europe whom we regard as members of the Caucasian race"
About the lecture, Mr. Staudenmaier -- again untruthfully -- writes:
"Here Steiner reminds his audience of the racial superiority of 'the Aryans' ..."
Examining the actual published lecture six shows that Mr. Staudenmaier's assertion that the lecture describes "the racial superiority of the Aryans" lacks any obvious support in the lecture, not least as it does not even refer to the '"Aryans" as a "race" in the lecture, and also as it does not refer to any of the actual "five main races" of humanity, that it describes, neither as "inferior", nor as "superior" to any of the other.

Actually reading it shows that the lecture instead describes the anthropological "five main races" of mankind (of which the "Caucasians", but not the "Aryans", at the time of the lecture was considered to be one). In the lecture, Steiner describes them in relation to the nature and activities of (in his view) normal and abnormal higher spiritual beings far in the past, described by the Judeo-Christian tradition as Elohim and other, higher beings.

The one time Steiner mentions "Aryans" in the lecture (and lecture series) is a short, very carefully balanced and restrained description of how they (as one loose group of a number of different groups), belonging to the Caucasians, in Steiner's view, are more or less determined by forces, that:

"work indirectly through the sense impressions and from there radiate to those parts of the central nervous system which are situated in the brain and spinal cord"
and telling:
The particular task of the Caucasian [comment: not Aryan] race is to find the way to the spirit through the senses, for this race is orientated chiefly towards the sense-world.
Steiner also describes how in his view, European civilization had
passed its "zenith in Europe in the middle of the nineteenth century",
indicating that
in Steiner's view, European culture at the beginning of the 20th century, with its racist focus, developing anti-Semitism, and argumentation for "Aryan supremacy", was a culture on the decline in relation to its zenith, with the development of the idealistic culture of 60-100 years earlier.
This indication is preceded by a description of what makes Semitic peoples great, and is followed by a description of what makes the American Indian people great.


"the Biblical writer was able to claim that Jahve or Jehovah had made this [the Semitic] people his own"

"When he declared himself to be the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, He proclaimed that He was present in the blood-stream of the Patriarchs."

and describing this as something that reveals
"one of the mysteries which give us a deep insight into the wise guidance of all mankind."
After the description of the Caucasians as more or less "determined by the senses", he describes the greatness of the American Indians, in their relation to the Great Spirit, which in Steiner's view was their way of describing the Elohim of the Judeo-Christian tradition, and the untruthfulness of what was presented to them by the invading Europeans, as described by the, in Steiner's words, "last of the great chieftains of the Red Indians":
"[What] makes the Brown Man great; it is the Great Spirit who speaks to him in the soughing of the wind, in the murmuring of the forest, in the surging of the waves, in the purling of the brook, in thunder and in lightning! That is the Spirit who to us speaks truth. Yes, from the lips of the Great Spirit comes truth. But your spirits [those of the invading Europeans] here on paper and who express what to you is great, they do not speak the truth."
As a short reminder, this can be compared to what Mr. Staudenmaier writes about the lecture:
"Here Steiner reminds his audience of the racial superiority of 'the Aryans' ..."
For a more detailed documentation of the twisted argumentation by Mr. Staudenmaier on this, see here.

This has constituted Mr. Staudenmaier's last defense line (up to 2005) in his repeatedly untruthful argumentation on the lecture series, introduced with his freely fabricated fantasy forgery (described earlier), which he repeatedly has defended when its untruthfulness has been pointed out to him and which has never been publicly withdrawn by him.

As such, the repeated untruths by Mr. Staudenmaier, published from 2000 up to at least July 2005, and repeatedly defended by the small vocal anti-Waldorf fringe group PLANS Inc. in California, constitute the clearest example of anti-Waldorf demagoguery, fabrications which are used to propagate the falsehood that Rudolf Steiner and anthroposophy, and by implication Waldorf education, are racist and anti-Semitic.

After repeatedly defending his untruths, then in passing silently replacing them with a new story 

Only in or after July 2005, more than five years after the first publication of the article by Mr. Staudenmaier at the site if "PLANS Inc.", and the repeated defense of it by both Mr. Staudenmaier (as documented above) and by Mr. Dugan as implicitly truthful (see later), has it been replaced with a slightly edited version at the site, without any notice -- neither by Mr. Dugan, nor by Mr. Staudenmaier -- that the original version has been replaced, while continuing to leave the original article on the net, now unlinked to from the site.

The new "edited" version of the article ("edited" in the main with regard to the introduction) was first made public in passing in 2003 in a peripheral discussion on the internet, without any discussion of the changes by Mr. Staudenmaier, and the reason for making them.

One of the changes made my Mr. Staudenmaier is that he in the "new" introduction -- after repeatedly having defended it in different ways at different times, as documented above -- has removed the obvious falsehood, described above, with regard to the first lecture in the lecture series. It also does not mention the sixth lecture in the series, that Mr. Staudenmaier in October 2001 has described as

"the heart of the book"
and instead "only" states that the introduction refers to the lecture series in its totality.

For an analysis of the invalidity also of this statement by Mr. Staudenmaier, see here. For a description of and discussion of the "new" introduction, see here (coming).

PLANS' way of using Staudenmaier's repeatedly untruthful writings (documented  by Daniel Hindes) and "scholary" (horror) fantasies (documented above), seemingly to try to incite anger against Waldorf education in particular in the Jewish community, stands out as especially twisted in view, among other things, of the extensive contributions people of Jewish origin have made to the founding of Waldorf education and to its development to this day, and in view of the important role played by the history of Jews and Judaism in Waldorf curriculum, as part of understanding the history of humanity, at the specific suggestion by Rudolf Steiner.
For more on the untruthful demagoguery spread by PLANS about this, see here.

For more untruths by Mr. Staudenmaier (can you take more?), in 2004 and 2005, continue here.