About AWE
Americans for Waldorf Education (AWE) was founded on July 4, 2005.

Our purpose is to support Waldorf education in North America, including both private Waldorf schools and publicly funded schools using Waldorf methods, Waldorf teacher training institutions, and other Waldorf based and related activities.

This support includes:

  • providing information on Waldorf education including articles, personal experiences, and recent research,
  • providing information to the press on Waldorf education,
  • correcting myths, misunderstandings and misinformation about Waldorf education,
  • answering questions about Waldorf education, and
Our underlying philosophy is to provide information on Waldorf education in a positive light and which is honestly and fairly presented. Our work is primarily on the Internet.


The founding members of AWE are:

Robert Mays - Robert has been involved in Waldorf education and anthroposophy for 30 years, as one of the founders of the Emerson Waldorf School in Chapel Hill, NC and as a parent of two former Waldorf students. He resides in North Carolina and is a visiting Waldorf high school teacher in the physical sciences at several Waldorf high schools. Email Robert

Deborah Kahn - Deborah lives in Vermont. In addition to being a Waldorf parent, she was a Waldorf administrator (business manager) at a Waldorf school in the midwest. She is currently a proud Waldorf grandma. Email Deborah

Serena Blaue - Serena is the parent of a child who attended a Waldorf school and now has two grandchildren who attend a Waldorf school. She has been working with anthroposophy since 1973 and currently resides in the north-east. Email Serena

Sune Nordwall (associate member) - Sune trained as a Waldorf teacher and later taught mathematics at Waldorf schools. He resides in Sweden. Email Sune


Linda Clemens - Linda has been a Waldorf parent for about 12 years and is the mother of two Waldorf students, the older in high school. She has served as class parent many times and given countless hours of volunteer work. She also has two children who were educated in public schools. Linda resides in California. Email Linda

Feel free to contact us individually by our email addresses above or by our general contact information.