An "Anthroposophical world
conspiracy" myth, cultivated and
published by "PLANS Inc."
A sixth myth, purporting an "Anthroposophical world conspiracy", and complementing the fifth "Protocol of Steiner" myth, has also been cultivated and published at the PLANS site, as "information" and "education" for the public about Waldorf education.

According to the myth:

"The secret agenda of Waldorf education, not divulged to the parents, is to train the future rulers of the world."
The "Anthroposophical world conspiracy myth" initially asserted that Rudolf Steiner, founder of Waldorf education, turned to education, after having "failed" "to found a spiritually-oriented [political] party", "as a way to carry out his work by preparing souls for reincarnation as leaders in the next epic of history".

This myth portrays Steiner's plan -- with more than a hint of paranoia -- as the secret agenda and goal of Waldorf schools, one not divulged to parents, to prepare and train the future leaders of the world, who will ultimately rule over and dictate to the rest of humanity what to think, feel and do.

This myth can be documented from at least 1998 in a Press Release from a law firm Pacific Justice Institute (PJI), supporting PLANS in litigation against two public school districts in California for their operation of two Waldorf-methods schools.

Later, the myth was further developed by the journalist and for long vice president of PLANS, Lisa Ercolano, together with Mr. Dugan, and then also as a follow up by others, from October 2000 up to April 2003. The myth is now published by PLANS as part of the "archives" of the mailing list at its site.

The two myths, the "Anthroposophical world conspiracy" myth and the "Protocol of Steiner" myth, taken together, correspond closely to the "Protocols of Zion" myth, that there exists a secret Jewish conspiracy to take over and rule the world, a myth cultivated now for more than 100 years by anti-Semitic hate groups and published up to this day on the Internet by anti-Semitic hate sites.

The "Protocol of Steiner" myth and the "Anthroposophical world conspiracy" myth are published by PLANS to try to link anthroposophy and Waldorf education to Adolf Hitler, Nazism and the Nazi atrocities during the 20th century.

The works by Steiner used as alleged support of the myth are four lectures on the Gospels and Christ, published as "The Universal Human".

In Steiner's view, man is primarily a spiritual being, and we also live repeatedly as humans on earth, "reincarnating" through history in different cultures and varying between lives as a woman and as a man.

In the lectures mentioned, he expresses the view, that if we as individual humans do not increasingly take responsibility for our own lives and development as humans, in the future, we will be left to live only as parts of groups, where the groups will tell us what to think, feel and do.

This is spinned by the "Anthroposophical world conspiracy myth" into allegations that it will not be the groups in question who will tell their members "what to think, feel and do", but those "anthroposophists", who like other normal people increasingly strive to take individual responsibility for their lives as individuals. The anthroposophists will tell the members of these future "gangs" (predicted by Steiner) in different ways "what to think, feel and do".

For an actual comparison between Adolf Hitler's thought and Rudolf Steiner's thought, see here.

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