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Americans for Waldorf Education (AWE) is a group of current and past Waldorf parents and teachers. We seek to support Waldorf education by providing general information on it (articles, experiences, research), by answering questions from the press and the public, and by correcting myths, misunderstandings and misinformation about Waldorf education which sometimes appear in the media and on the Internet.

Our purpose is to provide the facts in a fair, balanced and truthful presentation. Our underlying philosophy is to provide information on Waldorf education in a positive light and which is honestly and fairly presented. 

We feel that Waldorf education brings a vital dimension to American education, one which is too often neglected in schools today. While America demands schools that prepare students who can fulfill society’s democratic, technological, and economic goals, we believe Waldorf education addresses the students' need to fulfill their own full and individual potential as people. We feel that Waldorf education is important because it gives its students the inner capacities and strengths necessary to become adults who are free in spirit, confident in themselves, and able to self-determine the purpose and direction of their lives. What Waldorf brings to education is the dimension that we are each a unique human being able to bring our humanity to the social, political, and technological issues of our day and transform them.

We also feel that Waldorf education is sometimes portrayed in the media and on the Internet in a distorted and misinformed way. Waldorf schools and Waldorf teachers deserve to be supported with a fair and truthful presentation, as most schools and teachers do not have the resources to respond to allegations that are sometimes made.


  • Experiences: comments from well-known Waldorf alumni and former students about their Waldorf education.
  • Research: a compilation of research projects and reports from research on Waldorf education over the past 15 years.
  • Articles: recent on-line articles on Waldorf education and other issues related to education.
  • For the press: press releases and links to the latest articles in the general press on Waldorf education.
  • On "PLANS, Inc.": the description of a small vocal group which is critical of Waldorf education, plus an analysis and refutation of their myths and misinformation.
  • Links to Waldorf schools, Waldorf associations, Waldorf resources and Waldorf teacher training.